My wife is usually a very easy going person but during her pregnancy she was not quite as chill as usual.

The one thing that my wife had to have at all times was an air conditioner blasting on her.

If we were in the car she wanted the AC to be blasting in her face. When we were at home she would turn the thermostat down to about 55 degrees and wait for the AC to kick in while sitting in front of it! We even had to call the HVAC technician to install a ductless mini split system so that we could get rid of our central heating and cooling. Apparently my wife was talking to one of our neighbors about HVAC and he told her how nice his ductless mini split system was. I will say that I really like the fact that we got rid of central heating and cooling, our house is too big to have one HVAC system running. Since we have made the switch with our HVAC system I have also noticed how much we save on our bill.I think the fact that we installed a smart thermostat is one of the big reasons that our HVAC bill has dropped so much. If you are trying to save money or just want a better HVAC system you should really consider calling your HVAC technician and learning about the newest and best HVAC equipment that is available. My wife hasn’t complained about the AC one time since we got the new ductless mini split system and I couldn’t be happier.

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