My older brother started an SEO business and the entire family ended up involved.

He was the computer genius who could literally accomplish anything as long as he had a laptop and internet.

My brother is the one who builds websites, and utilizes tools such as PPC as well as SEM. He does all the intricate tech work. The rest of our family is not as proficient online as he is, but we each have a specific job. My father has the position of salesman for the business. He visits businesses all over the country and talks to them about their online SEO plans. This is the modern way of the world. Companies can’t rely on newspapers or tv ads or word of mouth. My dad gets them signed up, my older brother builds the website and my mother writes content to put on the website. Our company mainly deals in is Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning SEO. My mother writes all of the HVAC related content. She writes articles for heating repair, HVAC maintenance, installation and the homepage for the HVAC business. My job is to handle the social media for each specific HVAC business that contracts us. I manage facebook, twitter, google and any additional social media platforms the business may choose. We each have a speciality and have gotten quite skilled at it. It is a bit odd that Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning is our main focus because none of us knew anything about the field when we started out. We know the jargon and can talk with professional HVAC contractors. My entire family also has obtained so much more information on the online SEO developments. We’ve learned how to keep current with the times and help those sites rank higher.


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