Bigger is not consistently better, and you might be tempted to guess that the larger your Heating and A/C unit is, the faster your new home will heat or cool and thus greater units are better than smaller units! After all, what is the worst that could happen to an Heating and A/C unit it’s done its job legitimately hastily? It will just turn off, right? That’s genuinely the problem.

Air conditioning units that are too large for the square footage of the new home that they are used for will constantly cycle on and off.

You may guess even that is okay… However, when an a/c only runs for a short length of time it made cool down a room but it may not have time to eliminate the humidity in a room as well, this will lead to a room feeling cooler, but damp and almost sticky. This can genuinely lead to the growth of mold and the invasion of dust mites, in addition, the excessive humidity that is not expelled correctly can lead to damage to the wooden floors or furniture and drywall. An a/c unit that is too large for a new home can also cause a whole lot of noise, which can be quite discouraging to have to deal with on a usual basis. This constant cycling on and off will also cause the Heating and A/C unit to chop down faster and it will not last as long as it should, potentially. In the end, even an Heating and A/C unit that is too small for a new home can be a problem. The unit may run constantly in an attempt to heat or cool the entire new home and thus cost you a lot on the energy bill. Thus, the regular sizing of your Heating and A/C unit for the square footage of your new home is honestly necessary!


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