My sister in employed in the SEO industry.

She looks down on anyone who uses PPC.

Pay per click is when a company pays for a google ad at the top of the page. If someone searches for HVAC repair, a HVAC supplier show up at the top of the page and is highlighted. That HVAC company paid dearly for that spot. This strategy is called pay per click since that is literally what it entails. Everytime a customer clicks on the ad, the HVAC company pays for that privilege. The purpose is that the HVAC company is paying a small fee to generate traffic to their website. SEO is when a company organically generates business. My sister targets specific keywords such as HVAC repair, heating, cooling and air quality. When a potential client types them in, the HVAC company she is promoting will show up on page one of google.They won’t occupy the top spot. The paid for google ads are always first. But her company will hopefully be right below the ads. When a client clicks on the link to the website, no cost has to be paid. They are still ranked on page and they aren’t required to pay a dime. SEM has been proven to be effective, but sp has SEO. My sister doesn’t understand why anyone would ever pay for a service she can do for free. I think the motive is that the HVAC companies still have to pay something. They either try PPC, or pay an SEO company to ensure their website ranks on google. For us ordinary people, we can’t manage the strategies that my sister does.