My partner is an interesting character.

And when I say that, I don’t mean it in an awful way at all.

She runs a yoga studio out of the basement of our home. The business of the yoga studio goes pretty well too. I remember when she first wanted to open the yoga studio, I was a little against it. I had thought that the idea of having a bunch of uncommon women coming in and out of our basement was a bit worrying. But, my partner reassured me, that this yoga studio she was going to be running was going to be pretty exclusive, and only featured to the highest class of people. That made me assume a little better. My partner and I both have constantly been pretty crazy when it comes to doing nutritional programs, now working out at the gym, and both of us even have a actually fantastic priced gym membership that both of us both belong to jointly. That’s how much both of us are into both health and fitness. And I know yoga falls into that category, but I have never understood the concept of yoga or yoga studios. But, if my partner wants to do it, I will constantly back her up one hundred percent in anything she does! With her having this yoga studio, it actually has got me thinking of maybe starting my own side business becoming a personal fitness trainer. Being a personal fitness trainer is something I suppose I would be pretty fantastic at, beings I use the heck out of our gym membership.

Semi-Private Fitness Training