Right now, I’m working 6 days every week.

My only day off is Thursday.

I don’t even get a single weekend day to spend with my kids. I know this is normal for the summer, especially when one of our lead HVAC technicians are on vacation. Whenever an HVAC technician is on vacation, everyone has to work on a 6-day schedule. All of the HVAC technicians are allowed to take one week of vacation during the summer, and no one is allowed to leave at the same time. Still, someone always accidentally schedules two people on vacation at the same time. Thursday was my day off this week, and I was looking forward to sleeping past 6:45 in the morning. I turned off my phone ringer and I even unplugged the alarm clock. I didn’t want to hear any noise at all, until at least noon. Unfortunately, a very loud and noisy tree trimming company woke me up at 7 minutes past 7. They were trimming down an enormous oak tree in the neighbor’s yard. I could have screamed, but that would not have done any good. I wasn’t going to get any sleep with the chainsaws running, so I decided to make a pot of coffee. Even though it was my day off, I was up early anyways. I decided to wake up the kids and take them out for early morning pancakes. If we were going to be awake, we were going to have bacon, eggs, pancakes, and fresh squeezed orange juice. The kids were really excited to see me happy and awake early, and we had a great day together.


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