My husband George and I both work for an online advertising company.

Our jobs are totally different. George works in the finance department for the SEO company. He is the guy who sends out the bills to the various HVAC companies who have hired us for digital advertising. Geroge also makes sure the SEO team gets their paychecks. He further takes care of paying those people the SEO company contracts on the side. I am one of those outside contractors. I am an independent contractor. I am the SEO content writer. I write all of the HVAC related material that goes on the website. When an HVAC corporation signs up for SEO, a web builder creates a platform. I am paid to write the content for it. Then the website is handed off to an SEO member who will make sure it ranks as high as possible using SEO or SEM strategies. After all this is complete, George is the guy who bills and pays everybody. It works out great for us. The only issue is the weekends. George strictly works for the supplier. He works 9-5 on weekdays and gets holidays free. I work according to the projects I get sent. Sometimes I need to write content for several HVAC companies at once. Sometimes business is slow. During the slow periods, I have the weekends free. It’s nice when George and I are off at work. We can do anything at any time and even travel. During the busy times, George drives me insane. I can’t work if he is bored and has nothing to keep him occupied. It is terrible when our schedules are so different. We both work for the same company but at different hours.

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