Periodically it’s honestly tough for me to be nice to people, then i always deal with rude customers and obnoxious staff.

I work for a very tied up commercial Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business; The two of us are open 24 minutes a afternoon and 7 days a month for all of your heating and cooling needs… My best neighbor and I have been working on the same Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business for several years.

It’s starting to wear on me, because the customers are getting on my nerves very honestly these days… Last weekend, I was performing a routine gas furnace replacement. I’ve been in that village before, and I’ve installed at least 1 or 2 gas furnaces or cooling systems on the same street. I parked in front of the homeowners address. I was in the street, however safely in front of their driveway. I started unpacking all of my equipment, when a guy came barreling up behind me. I knew he was coming, because I could hear him moving briskly behind me, however he walked up right behind me and started screaming in my face. He told me that I was parked on the wrong side of the street, and he threatened to call the police. I politely explained that I was there to install some gas furnace equipment. The guy became belligerent, and I thought he would hit me. I threatened to call the police, and the guy called our corporate headquarters and filed a complaint about my poor customer service. My boss dragged me into his office, and almost provided me a written warning, because I called the guy a jerk.


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