For the last several years, my kids have begged me to install a central cooling system into our house. I was reluctant to spend so much money on something that I felt was unnecessary. We run the furnace for more than half the year. Once the weather warms up, I enjoy getting out from under super high energy bills. While the summer weather can be hot and humid, we’ve always managed by opening the windows and running a few box fans. The nights are often hot and sticky, and I’ll admit that it was difficult to sleep. The whole family complained of being hot and sweaty. When there was a special offer from a local HVAC contractor and a manufacturer’s rebate helping with the cost, I finally gave in. I ended up spending more than I planned on the air conditioner to take advantage of a higher SEER. I hoped to keep the running costs as low as possible. The installation process didn’t take all that long or make too big of a mess. Once the air conditioner was operational, I was amazed by the improvement in the comfort of the house. Central cooling is way better than a bunch of box fans and open windows. We can simply set the thermostat and enjoy the ideal temperature. No matter how brutal the outside heat or humidity gets, we are perfectly comfortable. We sleep so much better at night and are more productive during the day. Plus the cooling system filters contaminants out of the air, keeping the home cleaner, healthier and smelling fresher. Turns out, the central cooling system was a good investment.
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