Anytime I go on getaway I make sure my hotel or new home that I rent has quality AC. The reason is that I can’t pace myself on sunshine! I live in the north and having sunlight is rare, our Summer season is about 2 weeks long and even then, the weather is not that hot, however when I go on getaway I always go someplace tropical so I can be in the sun. I prefer laying on the beach getting a tan. I prefer playing in the ocean and swimming in the pool, however basically I want to be outside all day long. But, my skin is not used to so much sunlight and always revolts. I usually get a horrible sunburn on day 1 of the getaway. I get so burnt and red that I have to hide inside for a couple of days. This is where the quality A/C comes into play, however so I don’t want to kill myself and have some comfort, I crank the room cooling system. I still do things care about go out to pizzerias and bars, but I need to be shaded and have AC, then especially at night is AC necessary… Have you ever tried to sleep with a horrible burn? Nowhere feels comfortable and you sweat buckets. I usually pick a spot right near the cooling program and attempt at sleeping. When the burn fades I go back out into the sun and usually ruin myself again. It is an endless cycle of sunshine, burning and A/C, but maybe 1 of these days I will learn.


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