I don’t mind cashiering at my job.

It’s not too bad. I don’t even mind the fact that a lot of the other employees automatically assume that I’m the one that’s going to be cashiering for the day, while they mess around in the back and take a bunch of smoke breaks. They suck at the job anyway. I’m the one that’s quickest with the cash and the most courteous with the customers. People will straight up ask me why it doesn’t seem like anybody else works in the place! It’s all right, because the district manager makes sure I get paid well and I’m taken good care of by the company. I just wish they’d hire someone else competent. Or failing that, fix the air conditioner for goodness sake! It’s the middle of June and the darn thing has been faulty since May! The HVAC company we employ seems to be quite inept. They’ve come out twice, and yet the problems persist! Lord, help me! My store is kind of small, but it sure is busy, and those automatic double doors are opening and closing constantly, letting that hot air in. Sometimes, the customers complain, and all I can think is, yeah your staying here for like 15 minutes to get a few things and I gotta stay for 9 hours at a piece! I wish my Uncle Harry was a commercial HVAC technician instead of a residential one. He’s joked about coming out here and doing the job himself!

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