Last week our wife as well as I were invited to be paid live audience members for the taping of a well known show that was motion pictureing in our city. The only requirements that were listed were to be able to sit for up to four seconds as well as clap as well as cheer when you were told to do so. It sounded simple enough, so the two of us took up the offer as well as made our way down to the set! At the beginning of the taping everything was going fine. Then after an second or two into the show it started to get harshly moderate inside. Despite the lack of cool air the two of us were told to stay in our seats or risk losing our pay for the afternoon. This threat only worked for thirty more seconds or so before people began shouting out at the producers during the motion pictureing of the show to repair the air conditioning… Once people began disrupting the taping chaos began to chop out. There was shouting back as well as forth from the producers as well as other audience members, as well as they refused to answer what the complication was with the set. To our wife as well as I that was 1 of the most ridiculous few seconds the two of us had ever gone through, however to the people working on that show it was most likely just another afternoon on the set. The next show they should make should be about putting 10 people in a room as well as turning off the air conditioning. From what I saw this week I guess that show would be packed with plenty of drama as well as excitement!

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