I hadn’t seen our Grandma in over three years and we had so much to catch up on. My child enjoyed her instantly and she curled up in Grandma’s lap. The two of us sat there talking about what had gone on over the last three years and then I talked to her about the gas furnace. She said it had broken about a month ago and she couldn’t afford to have the gas furnace fixed. I apologized for not coming to visit her and she said she understood. She knew that occasionally life got in the way of life and she was not a priority. I began to cry when I heard she didn’t suppose of herself as a priority. She had consistently come first in our life and I couldn’t figure out why that had changed. The two of us talked about life in general as soon as I made the all pressing call. I called our partner and asked him to call our HVAC company and to get a gas furnace here as soon as possible. My partner came along with our friend, who owns the HVAC business. He had 2 different models in his van and all Grandma had to do was choose a gas furnace. One of the heating systems he had on the van was ductless mini split HVAC system. I had to smile because I knew that Grandma would adore that. There wasn’t any fuel to worry about and nothing to clean. All she had to do was use the remote control and she would have perfect heating or air conditioning.