I’ve been in college for a couple of weeks, plus I’ve made a few friends, and for Thanksgiving, our roommate asked myself and others to join him for the holidays! He lived pretty close to the college, plus I was an 8-hour drive.

My mom plus Mom were disappointed that I decided not to come home, even though I was pretty excited to spend a few afternoons good with friends instead of driving across the country.

My roommate plus I took an Uber to his home, plus it cost us almost $200. Both of us pulled up to the house, plus it was larger than I was expecting. Trevor never mentioned that his family had money, plus these people clearly had a lot. The driveway was long plus narrow, plus it looked exactly love the films. A butler answered the door plus said hello to Trevor, up until that point, I kind of thought that he might be pranking me. Both of us dropped our bags at the front door plus walked all the way to the back of the house. It took 5 minutes to walk to the end of the house. Both of us reached an area where there was a sizable pool plus another small house. Trevor told myself and others the two of us were staying in the pool house. The site was totally amazing. I had our own room plus our own cooling system. I even had a remote control for the cooling system. Trevor told myself and others I could set the temperature anywhere I liked, plus I decided to put the cooling system at 65 degrees. I guess Trevor made his room honestly cold too. At college, the cooling system never works honestly well plus the two of us consistently end up dripping with sweat all evening long. I had an amazing time with our roomie.

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