I am a born clutz.

  • My husband thinks it is hilarious, but I do not.

I have broken so many bones in my lifetime that I have lost count. One time, I broke my arm by falling on a small patch of ice in the middle of our driveway. It was literally only about five inches wide and seven inches long. I have no idea how I managed to fall on that small of a patch of ice. I think it is just my destiny to fall or hurt myself on just about anything that I can possible fall or hurt myself on. It gets to be quite annoying at times because my husband and friends make comments to me constantly about how clutzzy I am. I had one of my moments the other day as I was trying to put away my air conditioner for the winter. We have a small air conditioner that we put in our living room window during the summer months, and it helps keep our house comfortable. It is honestly not that hot where we live, so just the one little air conditioner does great for us. We store it in the basement during the winter months, so it is out of the way. I procrastinated on taking the air conditioner down to the basement for no good reason at all, but finally the day that we got our first snow of the season, I decided to put the air conditioner in the basement. I took it out of the window, and wrapped up the cord nicely. I proceeded to carry it down our basement steps when I tripped over nothing and dropped the air conditioner. I broke the air conditioner into pieces, and the rest is history.

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