Life has been undoubtedly busy for me ever since my Mom was tested with a harsh illness.

I am an only child so the responsibility of caring for him rests solely on my shoulders. Mom passed years ago and Mom, thankfully lives close by. I do have a spouse and more than two kids of my own and labor as well, so you can only imagine how strenuous things are. I try and keep up with as much as I can but things are bound to slip through the cracks. My spouse tries to help when he can but he has a undoubtedly demanding job as well. Anyway, the reason for our recent frustration is the fact that the two of us overlooked, or ignored all the signs of our failing Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, however even when the kids would come down for breakfast and complain about their rooms being too chilly I thought they were just being overdramatic. Even the fact that there were more obvious signs didn’t direct my attention to the fact that I should call someone to check it out. The utility bills were gradually getting higher, the dust build up and stale air smell in the house, none of it sent up a yellow flag large enough for me to take action. Maybe I didn’t want to even think about adding another thing to my schedule and clearing a few fifths to wait for an Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional to show up seemed impossible. Well, that was all taken out of my control when the furnace stopped toiling all together. Both of us came home, after a busy day to the home being around fifty degrees. It was only about forty outside so at least the two of us were never in any real danger but the two of us needed to have the unit fixed right away. I sent the kids to the neighbor’s home while I waited for the repairman. Boy was I ecstatic it had been a night where I didn’t have to go take care of Mom too.

New HVAC equipment