When I visited my cousin last, he had shown me something that was kind of funny, but at the same time, I understood why it was annoying him.

He showed me that one of his air ducts for his heating and air conditioning was dented! I actually really did find it humorous.

When I asked him how his air duct got dented, he told me that his kids were playing with the dog, and they were throwing things around they shouldn’t have been. And when one of the kids ran to chase after it, they ended up slamming into something, thankfully not hurting themselves or anyone else, but a big hammer dropped off the counter and dented the air duct in the floor. My cousin was asking me if I could figure out a way to fix the dented air duct. I took a good look at it, and from what I could see, the best thing to do would be to see if he could get a metal cover replacement for it. Cause that was what the real problem seemed to have been. The heating and air conditioning system worked fine, and the air flow was going great as if nothing had happened to that air duct. It just looked ugly as ever. Not even bending it or pounding on it with the hammer that caused the dent in the first place could repair this. So, I think my cousin is just going to look for a new metal cover to buy. Though, he may need to contact a local HVAC specialist to do this. I’m not really too sure.
a/c rep