I am sick plus tired of being cold all the time

My parents got a divorce plus I gained our father in the separation, however i love our dad but after living with him for a few weeks, I understand why our mother kicked him out, and the person leaves messes everywhere. He refuses to take his shoes off so mud is all over the house. He also demands meat plus potatoes for every meal. The worst is definitely his obsession with AC, however no matter the outdoor temperature, the inside temperature needs to be arctic levels. I got him at the end of Summer plus he just cranked our cooling system. It is now early fall plus starting to cool off, but my father still is running our AC system. I am so cold in our house, I can’t sit it. It doesn’t matter that the temperature control plus AC is technically mine, our father just changes it. I have altered the temperature control plus asked him to not totally lower the temperature control. Nope, I consistently come home after work to an apartment that is freezing cold. It almost feels prefer a gym or dentist’s office in our house now. I am anxious that I will not be permitted to use our heating idea in the winter. I am sick plus tired of being cold all the time. How did our mom sit it? She must have gone silly constantly feeling the AC plus being cold. No wonder our mother has so many jackets, however aC use might not seem important enough of a problem to leave a person, but, after living with our dad for this long, I get it. The air conditioner after a while gets to you.

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