With all that we have going on in this world, why do some get so flipped out over the most mundane situations? I see it all the time.

Our country appears to be splitting at the seams but I have a colleague who just lost his mind on a waiter the other day. The poor server merely went to clear an obviously empty plate when my associate went nuts on him. The problem was the server didn’t ask first. So, then I got 15 minutes of how there were simply no more manner being displayed in our society. Really….that’s what has you worried about respect in our society? The same thing is happening with the HVAC at my home. The one person compliance committee of our HVAC is having a very similar reaction to my HVAC being seen from the street. I’m perplexed by this considering the HVAC is brand new, color compliant and board approved. I had to jump through all those hoops just to replace the old one. However, our yard guy gave the hedges a once in a decade trim. Now, the HVAC can be seen from the street only slightly. I responded to the first letter rather calmly by suggesting that the hedge will fill out again. But, this just wouldn’t do at all for the HOA. In fact, I received two more threatening letter which I promptly ignored. This led to a personal visit, at my office no less, from the HOA compliance guy. I was stunned when he started in with the lecturing. I took about 45 seconds of it before I threw him out of my office and called my lawyer.


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