When our wifey & I started our AC repair business, both of us did not have anything to our name, every one of us sold one of our cars to get the company started; My wifey & I met in school, when both of us were studying AC replacement & repair services, but i fell in like with her instantly, she was strong & sassy, & I loved that she wanted to labor in a male-dominated field.

  • She makes every morning fun & she is a charming mother to our children.

Every one of us did not have any adolescents when both of us started the AC repair business. My wifey did not get pregnant until 5 years after both of us opened our doors… The first more than 2 years, our company doubled every single year. I knew both of us were in the large leagues, when both of us decided to pay for some advertising wraps for our AC repair trucks, and at the time, it was our wifey, myself, & two additional employees! One employee was driving her own truck, & the other employee was driving a company truck. Every one of us wrapped all 4 of the company trucks in advertising materials. My wifey & I spent a fortune, & both of us used every dollar in the company savings account. Every one of us stuck all our eggs in one basket, & it really worked out. In more than 2 afternoons, both of us had 135 weird calls for AC replacement jobs or repair services. That’s 70% more than any other week on record. My wifey & I continue to grow our AC repair company every year, & someday we’re going to open a fifth branch. Every one of us already have our sights set on the location, however both of us need to hire more employees first.
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