I have been living with our enjoyable friend, Jimmy, for a couple of years now.

We have about more than two months left on our lease plus I am thinking about moving in with our bestie after the lease is up.

I haven’t told Jimmy about it yet because I am scared he will not react well to the news, then jimmy has also been out of the country for the last few weeks on vacation so i wanted to wait until I could tell him in person. While Jimmy has been gone I have also been renting out his room in the beach house plus I have been staying with our bestie. The new person that is renting Jimmy’s room has been blasting the air conditioning plus I didn’t realize it until I got our energy bill. I think the new guy likes to have the air conditioning on even when he is not beach house so that the beach house stays cool. I suppose appreciate keeping the air conditioning on is the greatest waste of money. I think that Jimmy would suppose the same way about the air conditioning, although I didn’t want to tell him about how much extra the bill was this month. I am going to have to talk to the new guy about not using the air conditioning all the time, although I don’t want him to get upset about it. I think that using the air conditioning appreciate that is certainly terrible for the environment. I hope that after I talk to him about using the air conditioning that he will turn up the control device a little bit, hopefully his air conditioning use isn’t doing permanent mangle to our Heating & Air Conditioning system.

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