Doing a little bit of something every day is often times more beneficial then waiting too long and doing everything at once.

Take cutting the grass for example, if you cut it once a week it is not so hard, but when you cut it once a month it is quite the backbreaking chore.

Cleaning the dirty dishes as you go, a little at a time, is fairly easy, as compared to doing a week’s worth of them all at once. As a lazy person, I was always prone to put off until tomorrow anything I possibly could avoid doing. It turns out that this attitude can be very damaging to an HVAC system, which really needs regular care to work at maximum efficiency. I don’t mean that you have to take the air conditioner apart and look into the inner workings, but I do mean you need to pay attention. An HVAC system is based on air circulation, and that circulation brings dust, dirt, dander, and dead skin cells with it. Air filters are used to capture and remove these things from the air quality, but filters get dirty, and they don’t always catch everything. Use a high quality HEPA air filter, which are the best on the market, and make sure to check that filter every couple of weeks or so. You won’t need to change the air filter that often, but it doesn’t hurt to check it! You can also do a finger test inside your ductwork, to see if there is any dust collecting on the inside of the air duct.

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