The heating unit would need so many furnace repairs due to it overworking itself

I am dealing with furnace repairs so I have heating unit on the mind at all times. The other night I learn our daughter the story of Rapunzel. I couldn’t help but afterwards ponder the heating situation for that princess. Her tower must have been impossible to heat. What kind of furnace could she even have? A boiler idea goes into the basement plus uses piping to supply baseboard heating. The tower basement would be too far to have piping stretch to her room. A furnace with gas hookups would not work. A fireplace would not be sizzling enough. Any kind of ductless component could not be installed due to the stone tower. Adding ductwork would be just as difficult though. Ductwork also works better in a straight line to prevent cracks in it. A circular tower would be just begging for overpriced ductwork sealing appointments. Forget what type of furnace she can use. Think about how to prevent the heat from getting outside. The tower has an open window with no way to close it. The heated air would leak out the tower. Those energy costs would be super high plus the heating unit would be working double time. The heating unit would need so many furnace repairs due to it overworking itself. Have you ever seen a Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer? They are officially big, burly men. Rapunzel would have a heck of a time lugging the Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer up to her window with just her hair. He also would be carrying tools plus updatement parts with him, adding to the weight.


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