I am extremely thankful for having an HVAC unit that functions properly.

  • By extension, I am quite grateful that I have HVAC technicians that make sure it stays that way.

Summers can be quite hot where I live, and winters can be quite cold. We get the full range of temperatures and weather throughout the year, and the seasons are quite distinct from each other, unlike some other places. Fall and winter bring a handful of weeks that are delightful, typically. It is cool, crisp, and breezy, while the sun is still shining warm enough to where you’re not necessarily chilly. I love such weeks, because I can open the windows wide and use fans to circulate the fresh air through my home. I don’t need to use the air conditioner or the heat! Even in the evenings during these stretches of time, I simply close the windows after leaving them open all day, but the coolness from the outside makes it is if the air conditioner was on in my bedroom! Because of this, my electricity bill is particularly low in April and October. However, these are typically the months that I have my HVAC unit checked out before the summer/winter arrives. It’s even good to turn it on to see how it’s working before you actually need to. Giving it a chance to crank up and run a few times before it’s really going to be needed actually helps it in the long run. As a result, although I truly enjoy weather that is good enough to where climate control is not needed, I always remember to have my HVAC unit checked out during such times, because an extreme weather season is on the way!