It’s just the type of place that I don’t want to see change

A great many things have value, in addition to sometimes the uncorrect items do not have to be of monetary but sentimental value. This has always been my thought about the old fireplace inside my aunt dining room. The people I was with an addition to myself inherited a townhouse that used to belong to my late great aunt. Last year, she passed in addition to left her town house to my family in addition to myself. When there were lots of times growing up, the fireplace in the dining room was filled with special holiday family memories in addition to the celebrations that were held in that room. A single identifiable thing that is actually remembered quite well was this gorgeous stone fireplace. My entire family Sat by The Hearth opening presents, in addition to the fact that this fireplace was lit in addition to part of this holiday tradition. Only a single time that I can remember the fireplace was not working during the holidays. This was a single year when the firewood was far out. The fireplace inside of the townhouse is identifiable with all of our family meetings. It’s just the type of place that I don’t want to see change. The people I was with in addition to myself are going to do our best to keep it looking the same, though we’re going to make some updates to the Stone Face In addition to the inside damper. My family in addition to myself will hopefully have the same holiday family traditions that make us gleeful to do the same.
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