My partner & I have entirely been considering moving north; All of us both grew up in the south, & the two of us both have multiple friends & family here, but it is just not an easy locale for us to live; I am basically allergic to the sun, so I cannot go outside for most of the year which entirely stinks, & our partner entirely hates the heat.

It is usually in the hundreds for a couple weeks out of the year, & our partner works outside all afternoon long! Not only is it entirely warm outside, but it is also quite humid. It is entirely not a dry heat like it is out west where our parents are living right now, however even though I cannot be out in the warm weather for truly long, I have found that I enjoy dry heat over humid heat. I have also found that it affects our house as well. All of us have air conditioner of course, but it just cannot seem to keep up with the deranged high humidity. It gets entirely sticky in our house while in the mornings. I have even found that the study room floor along with the stairs are quite slippery because of the humidity. I fell on our study room floor about a week ago, & I am still in pain from it. I told our partner about it, & he is entirely distraught that I might fall again while carrying our little baby. I am distraught too, but the worst section is that the stairs are slippery. My partner obtained a dehumidifier for the kitchn, & he also obtained 1 for the study room where the stairs are located. I am hoping that this will help, but I am still convinced that the two of us should transfer north.


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