Last week, it was almost 105 degrees and all my kid kept saying is that she wanted to go swimming. I didn’t guess what to say to her because our pool was broken and the only place we had local to swim was the river. I used to swim in the river, but that was twenty years ago. There was a lot more pollution now, and I don’t have time to kneel there and swim with her. AFter a couple minutes, I heard her outside laughing and she sounded love she was having a lot of fun. I walked outside and there stood my acquaintance with her hose. She told me that my kid was over in her yard chasing the dog and she wanted to chase her out. She stood there squirting the hose all over my kid while she ran around with the dog right behind her. All more than two were having a wonderful time. The acquaintance asked if I wanted to come over for a glass of tea and I agreed. My kid had told her that our a/c had quit laboring and mommy couldn’t afford a current a single. Her a/c felt marvelous. She told me that she was alone since her partner died and if we would love to camp out where there was a/c, we could stay with her until our A/C was repaired. I almost cried when my kid looked at me and pleaded with me to say yes. I cried for a couple minutes and after that I said yes. The a/c felt lovely, despite the fact that I wonder how much of her offer was because she was lonely.