I’d hate to be a weatherman around here.

If you pay attention to the subtleties of the forecast, what they’re basically telling us quite often is, they don’t know what’s going to happen! I have literally gone out into my yard in the middle of a summer afternoon to find that it’s literally sunshine on one 1/2 of the lawn and rain on the other.

Storms roll up and dump rain like it’s a drive-by, and sometimes it seems like they come back for another go. There is one consistent aspect of the weather around here though: it’s perpetually hot. You’re not going to see snow, so that’s one less thing that the weatherman has to worry about. The weather isn’t inconsistent, but the service my HVAC company provides me is very consistent. If I have to rely on my air conditioning unit throughout most of the year, well then they’ve got my back, and they always have. Doing a few maintenance things myself, and calling them out at least twice a year pretty much does the job, believe it or not. It’s because they are so thorough during those visits, and they make sure that everything’s working well. They don’t leave any base uncovered. I think another reason I’ve been able to enjoy my air conditioning unit for so long is that I don’t actually turn it down all that low. Seventy-five degrees is about the lowest I ever have it. That saves me money, and I’m still quite comfortable, so who cares.

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