When I was a kid I never even knew what AC was.

I guess that there was some sort of HVAC system in my school, but it was still pretty hot.

When I moved into my new home as a kid there was a window AC unit in my house and I remember that I barely left my room that summer. I never wanted to be without AC again. Now that I have my own home and it’s many years later I understand why my parents never had an HVAC system. It’s crazy how much it is to get an HVAC system installed. I really couldn’t believe the price when my HVAC technician told me how much it would be to get a new AC unit. I thought that the HVAC technician was joking at first. When I got the new AC unit installed I didn’t know that I would also have to pay the HVAC technician for the installation, and then on top of that I would have to pay for a service contract for my HVAC system. I have learned how to do a lot of basic HVAC repair because I never want to have to pay an HVAC technician to fix things for me. If you are someone like me that can’t really afford to pay an HVAC technician you can look up a lot of things online. Many websites are dedicated to helping people fix their own HVAC system. It isn’t the most exciting thing to learn how to fix your own HVAC system but it can save you some serious money.
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