When my new home started having cooling system troubles, I began to fear for the worst, but i knew what all the worst case scenarios were – my friends had all went through them when they were living on their own or with roommates.

  • I knew that the central in the component might not be repaired for afternoons, maybe even weeks! In turn, the new home would overheat, but plus, the indoor air pollen levels would proceed in a downward spiral, until the new home smelled terrible and had air that was difficult to breathe.

It was the last thing I wanted to deal with! So, rather than sit around and wait for the inevitable, I decided to do something about it now. I went online, and researched a few opportunities for temporary a/c in my apartment! As it turned out, I had quite a few options, however there were portable cooling towers, which operated much like portable space heaters, but for a/c purposes, more effective opportunities were the conventional window cooling system unit, as well as the box fan or oscillating pedestal fan, but ultimately, I felt the window was going to be the best option, as it would honestly cool the new home on top of providing air circulation, however just as the name implies, it’s meant to be a window-based version of a correct – just much cheaper! Hopefully this will get me through until the central cooling system system is fixed.


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