One thing that I think everyone should try to do in life is continue learning new things.

As people get older it is easy to get into a rut in life and stick to doing what you always do, but I have found from my own personal experience that it is much more fulfilling to continue trying out new things.

There is one thing that I have started to pick up as of late that has been giving me tons of problems. I have been receiving lessons from my older brother about HVAC repair. My brother is an HVAC repair tech for a living and he is very good at what he does. Other than my 9-5 job I am also the landlord for a few apartments near the college campus in town. It has started to drive me off the walls always having to rely on the local HVAC heating and cooling company to have them send someone out to my tenants whenever a problem pops up with their air conditioning unit. It would make me even more ticked off when I would get the bill in the mail the following week. My brother has been teaching me the ins and outs and despite how hard it is to learn the proper way to repair HVAC units it has been extremely fulfilling. The thing that keeps me from giving up is the day that I get a call from one of my tenants calling about a problem with their unit and I am able to head over and fix it myself, free of charge.



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