My friends from college always give me a hard time for choosing to live in what they term “the boonies”.

  • They come to visit me and it is always the same thing.

All of my friends wonder why I would live somewhere that doesn’t have all the stuff they have. I always counter with that is exactly why I don’t live in cities. Quiet and nature are what I’m seeking. It feels good to be right where I am. There are plenty of upsides to living in the country. Besides the quiet and nature, I don’t have to fight traffic or listen to the cacophony of HVAC air conditioners in a neighborhood on a hot summer day. I grew up in the country and lived for a time in a city. It was exciting and enjoyable on some levels. There was always something to do and you could get just about anything a person wanted to eat in 10 minutes. The food aspect was particularly appealing to me. Yet, it’s the relationships here in rural America that intrigue me the most. Take the HVAC I referenced earlier. To most, the people who come out to service their heating and cooling systems are faceless, nameless people. My particular case is much different. The HVAC people who service my equipment aren’t just neighbors, they are almost extended family. I have known them for over 20 years and we all look out for each other. It may sound strange but when you trade with someone for more than 2 decades, the chances of becoming tight with those people are very good. I’m thankful I live somewhere that the HVAC folks are extended family.


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