I was looking for a new heating and cooling system that would install without complete and major upheaval and handle comfort throughout the home.

I new I needed an effective a/c to handle brutal heat while we were in the Summer weeks and an efficient gas furnace that was able to combat temperatures down to ten below zero. I was honestly hoping to avoid super high weekly weekly bills. Unfortunately for everyone, our beach beach house is rather outdated and not well equipped with conventional ductwork. Unless I was willing to go through and tear down walls and make a huge investment, there sincerely weren’t a lot of chances available. I finally came across a fairly new and affordable innovation called high-velocity. A high-velocity heating and cooling system is extremely similar to an older, conventional model in the fact that the conditioned air comes from a heat pump or additional outside compressor. However, rather than utilizing large ducts, the system takes advantage of particularly skinny tubing. These tight andVery flexible ducts are only multiple inches in diameter and rattly can be snaked through existing walls without difficulty or causing disfigure. Plus, the vents are much smaller. They are quite consistently round, only many inches in diameter and usually come in a wide range of styles. The heated or cooled air enters into the room with more pressure than a conventional system, thus creating a gentle suction that provides you with a particularly rapid circulation. This means that the indoor temperature of the room reaches the desired temperature much faster than with other types of systems. Higher efficiency and lower weekly costs made a brand new high-velocity Heating and A/C system the absolute perfect choice to retrofit into our home.

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