As a kid I became enamored with being on the beach… The sand, the surf, the crashing waves and endless sunshine, I knew even then that I needed to reside on the beach a single day… It took several years, however finally as an adult I was able to get a beautiful household right on the water.

I come to find out that spending a few days on the beach while in the summer time is truly different from living there all year round. I particularly understand now why snowbirds have a home up north and a home for the holidays. It turns out I run our furnace a lot more here than I ever did in the past! You would guess a beach household wouldn’t need a lot of heating, however for about half the year I run the heat all the time. All those chilly winds coming off the ocean just suck the heating out of a place, no matter how fine the insulation happens to be. Another thing I didn’t expect was the high moisture and salt content in the air quality, thanks to the sea spray. Running a dehumidifier isn’t just a good thing to use around here its pretty much mandatory! I particularly have an upstairs dehumidifier and another I keep in the front door downstairs. I keep them both running 24/7. I truly don’t want to sound as though I’m whining, because I truly do enjoy it here. I just rely on our Heating plus A/C device a lot more than I expected, however even if I ran the furnace every single day, I would still enjoy the beach a great deal.


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