I have been using the same Heating and A/C company in my home for over thirty years now.

  • Last week, I sadly got a notice in the mail that the Heating and A/C company I love was going to go out of business.

The owner was finally retiring and there wasn’t anyone to take over. The excellent Heating and A/C serviceman that worked with me, was now going to go with 1 of the competitors. I tried to talk to him into please telling me which company, although he wasn’t allowed to rattly provide me that information. I was hoping the excellent Heating and A/C serviceman would call me and secretly tell me who he was finally working with, although I never got any search information from him. I finally gave up and finally tried to call a new Heating and A/C company. They told me they were sincerely busy at the time, however if I could wait a couple days without AC, they would have someone to the beach house to do the job on our a/c unit. I was curious about exactly what kind of Heating and A/C serviceman they would send to our house this time. You have no idea how surprised I was when a pretty young lady came to our door. She had her name tag on her shirt and the uniform of the local Heating and A/C company which I had contacted earlier. I couldn’t open the door for her because I realized I had never seen a female Heating and A/C serviceman before. She sincerely promised that she was a certified Heating and A/C serviceman from town, although I was afraid to take the chance.

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