The advantage is that the heat pump is better at dehumidification and easily costs less to run

For quite a few years, our family got by easily without central cooling. Because of the long and drastic Wintertime weather we experience in our area, the heating system is the priority, during the extremely brief Summer weeks, all of us consistently managed with only open windows, some box fans and window a/c units for the study rooms. I was never pleased with the level of comfort we obtained. I didn’t like the look of the window a/cs, the security risk of having open windows or the way the box fans tended to stir up dust in the air. Eventually, I decided that I was ready to make the investment into getting a central a/c. I contacted a local Heating and A/C business from town to supply a free estimate for replacement. He highly suggested to me that I spend a bit more cash to purchase and incorporate an extra special electric air-source heat pump. He explained that a dual fuel system honestly provides a whole bunch of cost-saving benefits. I had never even previously heard of a dual fuel system. I then did some research. A dual fuel system apparently is the combination of a natural gas furnace and an old school electric heat pump. During the warmer weather, the heat pump does the same old job as an a/c. It pulls heat out of the uncomfortable indoor air and uses refrigerant to transfer it outside again. The advantage is that the heat pump is better at dehumidification and easily costs less to run. Plus, once the weather cools off, the Electric heat pump is capable of reversing the process to bring ambient heat easily into the home. It doesn’t burn fossil fuels to create additional heat so there’s no fumes, hot surfaces, combustion byproducts or house gas emissions. The electric heat pump is clean, safe, quiet and environmentally friendly.



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