My fiance and I were beach house shopping together for about 3 weeks when all of us found this 1 awesome beach house that looked absolutely strange to us. I was looking carefully at the floors and the walls, trying to find the air vents. There definitely had to be Heating and A/C because it was cool and dry in the house. I could suppose the a/c flowing through the room we are standing in, although I couldn’t see any air vents. I said something at the time about it to our fiance, although he didn’t seem to care or suppose anything was strange about it. Both of us went down into the finished basement and that was when he realized there actually wasn’t any ductwork in the basement. He didn’t even see a furnace down there. That was when he said he wanted to see the a/c unit outside. The realtor told us there wasn’t a furnace or an a/c unit. Now, at that point our fiance was perplexed because there wasn’t any Heating and A/C system but there was high quality air. Both of us stood there while the realtor carefully tried to explain to us that there was a ductless Heating and A/C system utilized in the house. The ductless mini cut system had the entire condenser located on an outer wall. There were air handlers hidden inside the house, which is where the heating and a/c came from that we were feeling. She showed us the paperwork on this supposed ductless mini cut and the efficiency of both energy use as well as the efficiency of heating and cooling was phenomenal.

Duct sealing