For a number of years I worked at a job I didn’t like, until one day the bosses just pushed me too far.

Working in a sales environment was never really my thing, I just did it to put food on the table. Over time I grew to dislike it more and more, because of the type of things they wanted us to start selling. I decided to put my foot down, and they decided to fire me. I actually felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders that day. For years my brother-in-law had asked me about joining him in the HVAC industry. His name is Ted and he runs a small storefront that specializes in fixing and refurbishing air conditioners and furnaces. He does not handle industrial jobs, and very rarely will he install a completely new HVAC system. Instead he focuses on repairing and refurbishing old HVAC systems, and then reselling them for a profit. Doing it this way allows him to sell quality A/C products at a price that most people in our neighborhood can afford. I went to work for him at the shop the very next week, even though I knew very little about air conditioners. He assured me he would handle most of the HVAC repair work at first, while I handled the customers and got us some new business. All those years toiling away as a salesman really came in helpful, because now I could put my experience to work for an awesome local HVAC business that helps people.

furnace/heater service