My son and his bestie have been dating for several years.

  • They are in their twenties, and they are both responsible, generous, and kind.

They actually are multiple nice kids. When they celebrated their third anniversary last month, our husband and I decided to do something absolutely special for them. They were going to spend a few afternoons in Clearwater. They rented a hotel room right on Clearwater Beach. They were going to spend all afternoon at the beach, because they spent all of their money for the hotel rental. My husband and I thought both of us could buy them an absolutely special anniversary present. The two of us decided to buy each a single of them a CityPass for the Tampa area. The CityPASS is a great way to see all of the Tampa area sites for a single low price. My son and his bestie went to Busch Gardens a single afternoon, and the next afternoon they spent at the Lowry Zoo. They even had a few hours to spend at the Florida aquarium. They actually liked the Florida aquarium, and they took dozens of pictures of jellyfish, stingrays, tropical fish, and sharks. The CityPass is great for tourists, because it is a low-cost admission that allows each guy to see multiple sites. The Tampa City pass is only $110 per person, and the admission includes a ticket to Busch Gardens, Zoo Tampa, the Marine aquarium, and The Florida Aquarium, then you can also choose to visit the Museum of Science and Industry or the Chihuly collection. That’s a multiple of the best Tampa area destinations for the low price of $110 per guy.