My dear friend Amy started planning her wedding, and right away she set a goal: It was her plan to lose at least 20 pounds, all before her special day – in six months.

She wanted to look her best in her bridal gown, so Amy tried all weird diets and exercise fads to no avail.

So, I decided to sign her up with a personal trainer! I knew a personal trainer would supply the right guidance and motivation to get her in shape, though I didn’t want Amy to be insulted by the gift and think I thought less of her. People are funny like that, you know. Anyhow, I figured she’d enjoy the gift more if the entire bridal party was involved! I did some research and thankfully enough, I found a personal trainer who specializes in groups! I knew I needed to get organized and get everyone into this plan from the get-go. If I waited around too long, no one would commit and there would be no time to achieve results! I was looking forward to getting more fit and slim myself, so I was eager to give it a shot. First though, I had to convince the entire bridal party it was a worthwhile idea – a hard thing to convince everyone of, I’ll tell you that much! There was about six of us in the group, we were trying to get a half dozen females to agree on anything. No, it didn’t end well! Thankfully, after explaining the multiple benefits of a personal trainer to all the bridesmaids, all but one of them agreed to participate – ironically, it was me! I just had too much stuff come up. Anyhow, Amy was so happy with the gifts, and enjoyed the workouts! She hit her goal weight well before the wedding, and got to enjoy some unhealthy snacking to maintain her weight.


Personal Fitness Trainer