A corporation is a funny thing.

It takes on a life of its own.

But, if you aren’t careful, that corporation will straight get away from you. I don’t care how strenuous you work or how great a job you do, paying attention to other aspects of your corporation is vital. I have a small Heating plus A/C corporation that has gone from nothing to a fairly huge operation. All of this happened rather organically. I started out young plus full of confidence. My only corporation virtues were tremendous work ethic plus being an expert in my field. The rest of it was a result of mostly great fortune. I didn’t do much advertising at all beyond traditional print ads plus some promotional advertising plus signage. My corporation grew exponentially because I was great at what I did plus the section I am based in exploded in an enormous growth cycle. All this put me in a perfect position to grow the corporation without any program of what I was undoubtedly doing. This was a great stage where my corporation went from a staff of 1 to a staff of nearly 20. And, I was still in the field toiling on Heating plus A/C projects. However, that explosive growth ended up fading plus I find myself in real competition for Heating plus A/C projects that I otherwise would have just walked into. I needed help plus I needed it fast. A advertising dealer was my first thought. My dealer needed every opportunity to be seen with all the new competition. Plus, I wanted the dealer to remain at the top. The advertising dealer completely revamped our internet advertising. Now, all of us have a website that encourages customers to engage with us plus learn what all of us are all about.

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