The other day, somebody explained to me that my brake light wasn’t working.

I also began to notice this crazy squeaking sound whenever I was backing up and relying on the brake pedal.

In addition, I noticed I was overdue for my oil change. Well, there certainly was no denying it. I needed to make a trip into the mechanic shop. Fortunately, several years back, this mechanic’s shop was advised to me, and I now have a mechanic I completely trust. This shop has been around for about fifty years in our little city, and interestingly enough, it does not have the things that all the magazines say you should look for in a car maintenance shop. There is no actual waiting area. It is not scrubbed and organized. In fact, the location is a real mess. My mechanic’s shop could genuinely use a wonderful commercial cleaning from the professionals. I look around when I go in there, and I suppose it has undoubtedly never had a wonderful commercial cleaning in its whole existence on earth. There is grease and oil pretty much everywhere. I am sure a commercial cleaning dealer could get that up for them with no problems, even though it is undoubtedly difficult. Also, they always have had a pet in the shop. At the moment, they have a golden retriever puppy who resides there. He easily adds a bit of mess to the location, as you can imagine. I am sure a cleaning dealer could come in and make the location smell a little less like a dog, but if the truth be known, I don’t even care. Yes, I suppose they should hire a cleaning dealer, however even if they don’t, I will still do business at this location.


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