We have had what most would call a traditional printing business for nearly 15 years.

The idea started small and was aimed at garnering local business.

Our company was built on quality decorative design, competitive pricing and going the extra mile with customer service. The model was always doing the most printing with as little investment as possible. We were able to purchase some used equipment that gave us the ability to do a good business in sign printing and poster printing. However, I think we got so caught up in attempting to outdo our competitors in customer service that we were working harder, not smarter. The profits we had made from the printing business we invested conservatively. However, as technological printing leaps began to take over the business, we had a big decision to make. It was either kill ourselves to maintain the small local market niche we had carved out or evolve. We chose to evolve with a line of Lemorau digital label finishers, printing and die cutting systems. This was a big leap for us. Now, we were positioned to compete on a more regional basis while keeping our local printing business foot print. However, we were a bit worried as none of us were very technologically experienced. We were afraid that perhaps we would get in over our head and not be able to meet printing demands. The learning curve fear was that there would just be too much to learn before we could be as productive printing as we needed to be. All those fears were allayed with all the post sale training and support we received. It was almost a turnkey business situation for us. We could not be more pleased with the investment.

Label printing