I played football in junior high, and found early on that I was more concerned with getting a six-pack of abs over winning any games.

I worked hardest of all in the gym, just so I could be the most fit and cut a ton of weight! While my muscle density kept growing, for the life of me I couldn’t get any definition in the belly area! It was aggravating, to say the least.

Part of the concern was that I kept growing! Being six feet tall and fourteen years old is a sight to see. Anyhow, I graduated from high school and added even more length to my body. I continued to play football throughout school, working out as hard as I could until I dropped on a regular basis. Having worked with a trainer who pushed us through strenuous weight training sessions, it still wasn’t enough! No matter how dedicated I was, I just never got the definition in our abs that I wanted. Talk about frustrating, right? After graduating from college to find a standard nine-to-five job, I no longer had as much time to train. With the less quality weight being added on, I was becoming depressed. I decided it was time to work with a professional personal trainer, and finally achieve our goal! With the personal trainer, I explained how the only thing I really was interested in getting was six-pack definition. I needed to start with a series of changes to the diet first, so I got to work on that. First, the nutritional aspect was to be taken care of. I’d been told to avoid all fast food, popcorn, beer and sweets, though no one explained how timing carb intake was so important! The focus wasn’t totally on ab exercises, either. The personal trainer introduced a huge deal of cardio into the workout, and this was to get me as lean as possible. I suppose the trainer was right – abs are made in the kitchen!

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